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Let‘s Grow Your Sales on Amazon Together 

Professional Amazon Account Management

Why Amazon?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform globally, operating in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Many manufacturing and e-commerce businesses are already selling their products on Amazon to customers worldwide. Because Amazon tends to account for a significant share of their total company sales, some have even reorientated their business strategy to focus exclusively on Amazon as their main marketplace.

However, effectively utilising a platform like Amazon requires extensive effort, highly specialised knowledge, and the ability to rapidly adapt to an ever-changing

e-commerce environment. To succeed on Amazon, you would have to dedicate vast

in-house human resources, even when individual employees often lack the motivation to immerse themselves in this complex field. Moreover, unanticipated changes in staff can also have the potential to wipe out all the know-how that your company has built up on Amazon.

We could help you overcome these challenges! AMZ Crew is an ever-growing team of Amazon sales professionals dedicated to helping your company achieve optimal results within a reasonable timeframe.


Whether you are looking to optimise your performance on Amazon or just exploring the platform – we have something just for you! 

What do we do?

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