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Account Management

Why should you entrust Amazon Account Management to an agency?

  1. Amazon requires daily engagement, responsiveness, and adaptability to constantly changing best e-commerce practices on the platform. We spend all of our time on Amazon, so we are best placed to help your company to adapt to a rapidly changing environment in a timely manner.

  2. After an unanticipated change in staff, your company could lose all the e-commerce know-how on Amazon. Meanwhile, our team consists of many sales specialists who frequently exchange specialised industry knowledge and the latest insights to ensure that colleagues are up-to-speed on the industry developments and your business needs.

  3. It is costly to keep a good in-house Amazon sales specialist on payroll, and it takes a lot of time to train one from scratch. At the same time, there is an enormous opportunity cost associated with not being in the market today. By hiring an agency of Amazon sales experts, you get the best of both worlds.

We‘ll do it all for you!

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We open new
Seller Accounts
  • We help you choose the right trading model, evaluate the suitability of FBA services for you.

  • We help you to prepare the required documents.

  • We properly fill in the questionnaires and forms for you.

  • We open an Amazon Seller Central account on your behalf.

  • We ungate restricted categories.

  • We make the necessary account settings.

  • In special cases, we help facilitate
    direct account management by dedicated Amazon employees.

We activate and setup
Amazon services and programs
  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) – trading from Amazon warehouses.

  • Amazon VAT calculations – VAT invoicing and information for filing VAT in the EU.

  • Amazon for Business – B2B Sales.

  • Amazon Marketing Services – advertising on Amazon.

  • Amazon Brand Registry – trademark protection on Amazon.

We audit and optimize
existing Seller Accounts
  • We perform account diagnostics.

  • We ensure compliance and help to prevent violations of Amazon policies.

  • We conduct a commercial analysis of the account.

  • We optimize services and processes.


Catalogin – We create and Optimize Product Listings
  • We provide a full range of Amazon Cataloging services.

  • We create product listings.

  • We perform optimization for Amazon search (SEO).

  • We monitor product imagery compliance.

  • We ensure compliance with product listings policies.

  • We prepare and manage product feeds.

  • We manage A+ content / Enhanced Brand Content.

Advertising Optimisation and
day-to-day Account Management
  • We manage internal Amazon advertising based on agreed metrics.

  • We specialize in CPC campaigns, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Analytics.

  • We provide continuous, comprehensive, automated trading reports.

  • We manage inventory levels.

  • We plan and register FBA shipments. Also resolve discrepancies.

  • We solve incidents with Amazon.

  • We provide customer support to the buyers.

  • We perform reputation maintenance and optimization (feedback, etc.).

All we have to do is check our Amazon email from time to time. 
Everything else is taken care of.

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