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Amazon FBA Trading

Amazon FBA – what is it?

FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) – e-commerce directly from Amazon warehouses.

Amazon FBA is a unique feature of the Amazon e-commerce experience that allows businesses to store goods directly in Amazon’s fulfilment centres and let Amazon take care of order fulfilment for them. Businesses can entrust Amazon to handle all the logistics involved in taking goods from the warehouse to the customer.

Advantages of FBA:

  • delivery of products to customers within 1 working day;

  • the products become part of the Amazon Prime loyalty programme;

  • higher positioning of your products in Amazon searches;

  • generally lower logistics costs, which translates into business competitiveness;

  • higher customer trust, better traffic conversion, and greater advertising effectiveness.

FBA provides many opportunities but may also bring up many significant challenges. Before signing up for Amazon FBA, you should ask yourself:

  • Are your products eligible for FBA?

  • Have you decided which countries you will warehouse in? Do you know which countries you will be able to ship to from there?

  • Have you checked the tax requirements for warehousing products in the chosen countries?

  • Have you correctly estimated the future costs of warehousing and order fulfilment?

  • Have you assessed the requirements for preparing the products for FBA?

Amazon FBA e-commerce with AMZ Crew – how does it work?

AMZ Crew is a team comprised of Amazon FBA sales professionals who help their customers with all the issues mentioned above and answer many more questions that arise daily during the planning and operational stages.

What we do:

  • advise on product selection, packaging and labelling;

  • provide you with regulatory and tax-related information;

  • accurately calculate the future costs of FBA e-commerce and assess the potential benefits;

  • help to choose the right initial storage quantities;

  • provide regular statistical information on the progress of Amazon e-commerce;

  • provide recommendations for the replenishment of FBA warehouse stocks at pre-agreed time intervals;

  • register and manage shipments to FBA warehouses;

  • resolve various incidents – shipment discrepancies, blocked listings, etc.;

  • manage your FBA stocks efficiently, maintain an adequate IPI (Inventory Performance Index), avoid LTSF (Long-term Storage Fee) charges and other penalties;

  • help you take advantage of Amazon pricing promotions for FBA services;

  • if necessary, we can arrange the despatch of FBA-warehoused products to meet orders received through other sales channels (Multi-Channel Fulfillment);

  • and we take care of many other tasks to streamline your FBA e-commerce.

Leave your worries to us! We‘ll make sure that your FBA e-commerce is optimised and efficient!

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